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The KAVU Chillba sun hat gives you comfortable, stylish protection from the sun or rain. The drawcord chinstrap keeps it snug on your head, and the quick-dry poly mesh keeps you warm and dry. Made of polyester and built to last.
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I got the chill a hat when I got my kayak, I'm always up for new and unusual. I'm blown away at how this hat performs. I strap it on and if it's hot any breeze blows freely through the mesh and cools my noggin. The orientals have something here. I call it my Chinese hat, I love it so much. I'm going to order my wife one.

I recently just purchased this hat at store in Iowa, and I love it the mesh inner lining makes it real easy to adjust for any size head. It also has like a sweat band built into the mesh to help from sweat dripping down your face. It's light weight and does a good job keeping the sun out of my face I give it 5 out of 5 stars very great product!!!

I am think off buy this and tie dye it hot tie dye this hat so I can have one. I try to buy one on I call kavu them self they discontented the hot tie dye men chillba hat. thank you for listening to me your loyal customer Charlie carrillo

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