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Rope Bag

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This was the first shoulder bag I ever bought and it was super fun and functional. I got lots of compliments. When it was stolen from me I imediatly went out and bought the exact same style. This brand is reliable, hardy, and a backpackers dream come true. Thanks for your product!!!!

Perfect for hiking!

Great bag! It holds more than I had thought it would. My only complaint is that there weren't many colors/designs to choose from.

This bag is amazing!! I love taking it to the pool and going hiking with it!! Thanks KAVU! ❤️❤️❤️

Best thing i've ever bought for myself! Its so well made and i bring it everywhere.
So fashionable yet sturdy, best bag created!


this is the best bag ever!!! I use it in place of my purse now!! I definitely recommend :)

I love this bag! It fits my needs and lifestyle! But I am a lefty in a right handed world. And if I had my way the bag would sling over my other shoulder. It bothers me alittle but other then that it's fantastic

I just bought this bag in Nautical Stripes & I'm in love! It's so adorable and trendy, but also comfortable and functional. I can't wait to take this to church camp, shopping, and to the beach! I think it's safe to say this is my new baby!!

This bag is the best thing thats ever happened to me! I am in love with it, so much that if anyone tries to take it, i will slit their throat. I will kill anyone that even touches it. Thanks!

Just bought my first Kavu for myself and my sister!! We love them already!! Beautifully made!!

This is so awesome!!!!! Everyone i know has one! Wonderful product!!!!

I love the style and pattern of this kavu I would probably use my kavu for a backpack if I could at school and I just love how it carries everything in that one little bag it is just perfect

Awesome! I love this moose print

I have had my Kavu for three years and it's so worn out I'm about to get a new one! I carry mine all around school with me every single day, along with half the girls at my school! They are very popular. Thank y'all so much for making such a cute, practical, well made bag!

It is has great quality, very useful, very helpful, and easy to carry around.

Black and gold with BRI on it

These bags are so awesome

I buy so many purses it's ridiculous. I ended up having to sell many of them just to make room. I loved the Kavu rope bags but was hesitant for a very long time since it's far different from any bag I ever used. I took the gamble, paid the money, and I have had my bag for 5 months now and I am OBSESSED! It's so perfect for me and fits everything I need comfortably, and it's awesome to carry! Easy to find my things in, fashionable, and most of all - STURDY! I haven't even looked at other bags since except for other Kavu rope bag designs! I will never carry another bag unless it's just a different pattern!

I love these bags they very good to keep your. Things in

I got the blue/green mosaic print bag. The picture is not the same. The bag is a lot less vibrant and is very dull.


I LOVE this bag!! It fits a lot and is very fashionable and sturdy. Buying these bags may just become my new addiction.

I just got my bag today and I'm in love with it. The pockets on it are so handy and the design is super cute! Thanks, y'all!

I love the kavu big dot rope bag, it's all out of stock though, I can't find a store online anywhere whatsoever!!! I would love to have it but it's nowhere!!! Any suggestions?

I LOVE my kavu especially because it was on sale I take it every where I go IN LOVE




BEST BAG EVERR\!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got this bag a I really like it! I like to be hands free and I also like to use little wallet purses. This bag lets me carry everything.



I bought my 14-year old niece, who is very into athletics, this bag for Christmas. At first glance, I thought it would be perfect for a young women running to and from basketball practice.

I also bought one for myself because I wanted something that doesn't fall off my shoulder or bounce on my hip. I love this rope bag. It's easy to pull over my head when getting in and out of vehicles; it's just the right size for the things I need; when getting to my wallet, and, I just pull it to the front without taking it off. I love just throwing it on my back and going.

The only thing I'd like to see, is a bigger pocket that fits my iPhone and its cover. Definitely a must have for a busy woman (and mom) on the go!


It's pretty

helllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool bags <<<<3333

Love this bag. It is amazing for camping. It fits your back perfect. I can fit everything I need in it.

I got this bag at my Young Life camp this summer and I absolutely LOVE it! I feel like there is no need for a purse when my Kavu carries everything I need. I plan on getting many more (:

I really like this bag! Holds the sam amount as a purse but more. I could fit a light jacket and a wallet and a key chain in it. VERYYY cute as well. I used it for camp in which we had to carry lots of stuff at a time and it worked perfectly! Cutest bag there

Bag is perfect but the color is much more vibrant than shown. More like banana.

Love it!!! I love the cute colors!!


Love it the colors are so cute!!!!!!


Best thing I have ever purchased! I got this bag in August of last year and still is currently the only purse i use. It's so convenient being hands free.. esp sine i'm a mom. I even take it on bike rides with me.. Awesome!

I love this bag. It can carry everything that I want and it looks cute. I don't feel like my shoulder is about to fall off as it did when I just carried around a purse. And I can take it anywhere: travelling, to the mall, to camp, vacations. It's a great bag.

Great for school and plane trips to hold your carryon things. It's amazing the looks you get!!!! LOVE THIS BAG!!!!!!

It is very cute.

love this bag! went on a mission trip and it was very useful for holding all my things!



this bag is prett usefull

sooo me i love it like family

sooo me i love it like family

This bag is literally the greatest thing ever. Though expensive, it is totally worth it! The bag is very roomy, with one large main pocket, another smaller main pocket, and 3 more small pockets. It slings over your shoulder, and the rope part it adorable (and adjustable)! Not only is it roomy and functional, but the patterns are amazing! I got mine in blue with pink, yellow, and black flowers. Though some say to get plain colors so everything goes, you really can't go wrong with a Kavu so don't listen! Buy any pattern you want!

If I had to pick a con, it would be that the bag isn't that great for traveling in big cities because it's on your back and people can easily steal from it. But, whenever I travel, I just sling it over the front. Sure, it looks weird, but I take in stride!

Overall, this bag is awesome. You will not regret buying it!


i loveeeee this baga it is soooo cute:p

I loved all of these purses but I WISH THE bag stone path PURSE COULD HAVE BEEN CHANGED different colors. thank you so much.

soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and girly i want it bc it is soooooo me bc of all the colors and evrything else must have it

I purchased one of these from an Academy Sporting Goods store here in San Antonio yesterday, and I have to say, 'Props to KAVU' it fits my 6'4" 'slightly rotund' frame very well. I carry all of my EDC (everyday carry) that is, my necessities for the day. I would've rated it 5 stars, but I'd have preferred it come with a couple of extra pockets, but I can't have everything, can I?