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Rope Bag

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This is so awesome!!!!! Everyone i know has one! Wonderful product!!!!

I love the style and pattern of this kavu I would probably use my kavu for a backpack if I could at school and I just love how it carries everything in that one little bag it is just perfect

Awesome! I love this moose print

I have had my Kavu for three years and it's so worn out I'm about to get a new one! I carry mine all around school with me every single day, along with half the girls at my school! They are very popular. Thank y'all so much for making such a cute, practical, well made bag!

It is has great quality, very useful, very helpful, and easy to carry around.

Black and gold with BRI on it

These bags are so awesome

I buy so many purses it's ridiculous. I ended up having to sell many of them just to make room. I loved the Kavu rope bags but was hesitant for a very long time since it's far different from any bag I ever used. I took the gamble, paid the money, and I have had my bag for 5 months now and I am OBSESSED! It's so perfect for me and fits everything I need comfortably, and it's awesome to carry! Easy to find my things in, fashionable, and most of all - STURDY! I haven't even looked at other bags since except for other Kavu rope bag designs! I will never carry another bag unless it's just a different pattern!

I love these bags they very good to keep your. Things in

I got the blue/green mosaic print bag. The picture is not the same. The bag is a lot less vibrant and is very dull.

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