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I got the chill a hat when I got my kayak, I'm always up for new and unusual. I'm blown away at how this hat performs. I strap it on and if it's hot any breeze blows freely through the mesh and cools my noggin. The orientals have something here. I call it my Chinese hat, I love it so much. I'm going to order my wife one.

I recently just purchased this hat at store in Iowa, and I love it the mesh inner lining makes it real easy to adjust for any size head. It also has like a sweat band built into the mesh to help from sweat dripping down your face. It's light weight and does a good job keeping the sun out of my face I give it 5 out of 5 stars very great product!!!

I am think off buy this and tie dye it hot tie dye this hat so I can have one. I try to buy one on I call kavu them self they discontented the hot tie dye men chillba hat. thank you for listening to me your loyal customer Charlie carrillo

My husband bought this sun-hat for my birthday on a visit to Port Angeles, Washington last weekend. I can never find a sun-hat that fits my big head and huge curly hair. But this one does the trick! The inner mesh scull cap can be adjusted very easily to fit a tiny head or huge head. My husband scoffed at my hat choice but indulged me anyway. Just now he tried on my hat and it fits his humongous buffalo head! He's so impressed he wants one for himself now! Ha-ha! The only thing I did to "improve" it was use a permanent black felt marker to colour over the weird camo/snake-skin/abstract design around the head-strap---too distracting and doesn't match the daisies! It also has a black draw-string that can be tightened under you chin---I guess if it's windy.

I have been wearing Chillba hats four years now. I own a Lawn Care Company here in Missouri. This summer I could not have survived without my Chillba hats. Thank You Kavu.