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Simply put the best replacement band you can buy for the money.
I have 6 of these bands and have worn them through everything short of a hurricane and they've stood up above and beyond any other bands out there that are made from the same material.
Speaking of material they are smooth soft easy to use easy to clean and most of all very comfortable to wear.
No matter your watch type or size you barely even notice you have it on.
So if you want something original, durable, in style and will last until the next zombie apocalypse then you will not regret the $10 you drop for one of these bands.
Not sure about the other reviews that are bad and I am sorry for thier bad experience what ever it was that made them upset enough to leave a bad review.
I can't speak for them but I can tell you this KAVU has one of the best customer support departments out there.
I've never had any issue returning an item or with ordering.
It's simple if you have a problem pick up the phone and call and talk to someone they'll go above and beyond to help resolve your problem in a quick and professional manner.


I too, have been using these bands for years and they are better than any I have found locally or at the big box stores. The cheap ones have rough edges that chafe the skin. I'm more than happy with the straight black color and I don't understand the negative comments here. I wouldn't use one of these bands for a Heuer or Rolex obviously, but my old school Casio G shock has been very well taken care of over the years with the KAVU bands.

Installing the band on a sports watch with the thin pins in the watch housing is pretty easy. All you do is get a small metal fingernail file and use the rounded end to make sure the pins are solidly lodged in the watch. Then using the round end, you can gently push the the "hook" piece of the strap under the stainless steel spring pin with the smooth side against the watch so the hooks are facing you. Start it through the bottom of the watch otherwise the watch will read upside won on your wrist. Pull the hook part of the band all the way through until the bottom pin is flush with the wider part of the band and then finish the job by gently poking the free end of the hook piece through the top side pin and once you have enough poked through to grab, pull it tight and then do trimming as necessary.

You can try to lay the watch band out across the back of the sports watch and install the pins with the nail file by pressing them in, but if the file slips and the spring pin shoots half way across the room, good luck finding it as even a magnet won't pick up the stainless steel metal. Taping a thin piece of masking tape over the pin might keep it from flying if you are concerned with this issue.

Did I say that I Love This Product???


Been wearing these watch bands for years! Just toss in the wash and they are good to go when they get dirty!!!

This is the most awful way to buy a watchband. Just be aware if you order this band this picture is not what you are getting. I really like this pattern in this picture, but when you order it you do not get to pick the pattern of the band. And I will have to pay to ship it back on my own. I have loved KAVU in the past but I am really disappointed with the process of buying one of these bands. And our local store only has solid bands. They need to make this a little more clear in the description as I thought the description meant there may just be a little variation.


how do i know which pattern i am going to get???

Love the watch band! I bought mine at a local outdoor store and had them use their hot knife to cut it down to size. So comfortable and so easy to adjust.