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I love this KAVU keeper !!! I can keep all kinds of things in it !!!!! In the main compartment, my iPad Air 1 fits perfect in it. The front Velcro pouch is great for my Vera Bradley wallet and my iPhone 5c with an otterbox case on it.... I just got this today for my birthday, and I love it !!! This bag is valued at a great price of $35.00 and is definitely worth it . I am sure that this bag will last a long time like other KAVU products ... I hope this review helps 😊😊😊😊

Best travel purse/bag! Accompanied me on a month long trip to Brazil and was amazing. So many pockets for organization and the cross body strap for added security! My favorite bag.

This is a really good bag

These bags have become quite a trend in my school- you can't spot a girl without one!- they're a nice size, nice quality, and you can wear them all the time! I love these bags!

Have been using my Keeper (have two) for 3 years now. Bought them because the back pocket is perfect for my Kindles. It's small, not bulky, and fits under my arm for safety. Thanks for a Superior product.

you got 2 luv it

CUTE!!! And perfect for holding my mini tablet and things like that.

I bought this bag because I was tired of switchIng all of my things from my purse to my backpack every day for school. I can put this whole bag into my backpack and take it out as needed. This keeps me from having to carry 2 bags at once. I am a mom and I love that I can have my hands free to care for my kids because this bag goes over the shoulder and hangs out of the way. I am usually a "bigger is better" person when it comes to purses, but I think I might be changing the way I carry stuff by keeping just the basics in my purse and te extras in my backpack and then just put the Kavu inside the backpack. I love it! The bag is nice and sturdy with extra pockets and I like the fact that I can wash it because it is probably going to take a beating being pulled in and out of my backpack every day, but I know it can take the abuse. Super happy with my purchase:)

I love this bag! I have it in several colors and you can't beat the price!


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