GoPro Bomb Squad

The GoPro Bomb Squad travels the world as a demonstration skydiving team looking for epic spots to jump, fly and paraglide. When at home in Salt Lake City they do a variety of BASE jumping, Wingsuit Flying, paragliding, or speed-flying depending on the season. They hope to continue sharing their passions with the world in the most profound way possible, reminding people that the sky is the limit and that everyone should be chasing their own dreams.

The GoPro Bomb Squad is: Neil Amonson, Jesse Hall and Marshall Miller

Marshall Miller's EPIC KAVU day

My epic KAVU day is action packed, all smiles, enjoying what I live to do. I try to have many of these days. Flying is what I'm most stoked on so, if I can wake up early to fly paragliders at the local hill, then fly my wingsuit from an airy BASE exit, or ski off a cliff with a parachute, it puts a huge, genuine smile on my face. I love to hang out with good friends after the action, grab a drink, and tell each other how cool we are ;)

Jesse Hall's EPIC KAVU day

An epic KAVU day for me would be full of sun and BASE jumping with my friends!

Neil Amonson's EPIC KAVU day

My epic KAVU day would start with a grandeur plan. "That's impossible", they might say. "The weather isn't going to be good enough", they might say. But on my epic KAVU day, it's all about doing the things that you dream about. Of course you have to bring some of your peeps with you so I'd be rolling with a crew, for sure. My day might start in the mountains with a morning speedride session. After landing, we would head to the local airport for wingsuit skydiving, stopping for a BASE jump from a local cliff along the way. Following 3 or 4 wingsuits jumps which, should do the trick, and we grab the paragliders to catch the "glass off". Traffic does not play a part in my epic day unless we are talking about dodging a bird or two while climbing out in a thermal. After the sun sets, it's time to fire up the grill, crack a beer with your buddies, exhausted yet content, buzzing with the satisfaction of a day enjoyed to the fullest and shared with the people that you care about.

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