Jeff Shapiro

Jeff Shapiro is a dedicated professional in all of his outdoor pursuits. A world class Hang Glider pilot who has represented the United States in the 2009 and 2011 World Championships, he has gained perspective through flight worldwide. His passion for flying is clear. In the last few years, Jeff has sky dived, BASE jumped and has become one of a small group of elite Wing Suit pilots in the world. For Jeff, flying Wing Suits in the mountains is also cohesive with one of his first passions; climbing. He climbs at an elite level in all disciplines from bouldering and rock climbing to big walls, mixed rock and ice routes to high altitude mountaineering. Just for kicks, Jeff also runs ultra trail marathons and trains falcons and hawks to hunt in the mountains with his him, his daughter and their dog, Cedar.

What does KAVU mean to you?

KAVU to me is a term of perspective, the perspective to view everything as an opportunity. Klear Above, Visibility Unlimited. KAVU is an opportunity to dream and to realize; those dreams can be a tangible reality with strong belief, passion, drive and focus. Goals give direction and that direction leads to adventure and it's the adventure, the process... that is KAVU.

What is an epic KAVU day?

I wake up and leave the house just before light while the world is still asleep. This allows me to beat the summer heat by running into the high mountains on single track as the sun cracks it's first beams through the trees, making the grass look florescent. I'm back home a few hours later after some deep thought and introspection just in time for hot coffee and a relaxed, fresh morning with my family. Next, I drive up the hill and take a tandem for the ride of their lives before heading back up just as the thermals start really cracking. After a couple hours at cloudbase, I land and grab gear, head to the crags and climb a route to take the fast way down in my Wingsuit. Then I head home to BBQ with friends and family, enjoying the late summer evening warmth while walking the slack line and sharing a fine bottle of whiskey. It's only Monday and tomorrow, tomorrow will be totally different but just as KAVU.

Favorite KAVU items