Nick Greece

Nick Greece is one of the most prolific and elite Paraglider pilots in the United States. He flies world wide and has earned his place on the US Paragliding team, finding his bliss while racing his KAVU glider on the pro circuit. Nick recently had a record breaking distance flight of 204.6 mi. after foot launching his wing from Jackson, WY and piloting his way to Rawlings, WY. He is also currently pioneering and pushing the limits of “Vol Bivouac Paragliding”. Vol Bivouac, which means to “fly and camp” is a way practice of multi-day flying cross-country carrying only the essentials. They fly from peak to peak, land high, camp, hike if necessary and continue the journey the next day. Last year, Nick and team flew the entire length of the Sierra Mountains in a two week period, a feat never before accomplished in Paragliders.

What does KAVU mean to you?

KAVU means “always taking advantage of the glorious age we live in, and the circumstances that have led me to a place I can have amazing daily adventures with magnificent people from every corner of the world”.

What is an epic KAVU day?

One in recent memory... 
Amazing coffee as the sun comes up, watching the sun reflect off the spring outside my window on the ceiling of my cabin, checking snow report and avalanche conditions, checking in with ski partners, warming up the car, driving to the fun while blasting tunes and finishing second cup of coffee. A day of hiking around in backcountry with light snow falling in old growth forest that clings to steep pitches. Celebrating at the pub later with friends, discussing the world and future projects/adventures.

Favorite KAVU items