Scotty Bob

Scotty Bob is world class well rounded BASE Jumper and wingsuit pilot who travels the world jumping all day every day!

He has over 1,000 skydives and 1,250 BASE jumps.

He continues to push human flight to the max. KAVU days ahead!

What does KAVU mean to you?

KAVU means a bright future, the chance to make every day better than the last, embracing positive vibes and good friends around me to make the most of what is around me...and mostly just have a good time :)

What is your KAVU day?

Waking up at 7AM with the sun just creeping over Mt. Blanc through the windows of the Ski station in Chamonix. Heating up some water for some coffee, grabbing a pastry, and heading to trailhead of one of my favorite flights in the world…L’Aiguille De Varan. As the sun and hike warms us up from the cool mountain air, my friends and I make our way up the mountain, sharing stories and jokes. We share what we plan on doing on our flight, where we want to explore on the mountain, the dangers each idea poses, and the ways to get through any tricky parts. As we get to the exit point, we say our “have a good jumps”, and launch into the void in front of us. Words can’t describe this feeling, and Im not that good with words…so I’ll say…Its awesome, its humbling :) One of these jumps provides stories for the rest of our lives. The memories still fresh years after each one. That is my KAVU day!

Favorite KAVU items