Tyler Bradt

Tyler Bradt is one of the most renowned expedition whitewater kayakers in the world. Tyler holds two world record waterfall descents, the most recent being Palouse Falls at 186.5 feet tall. His name is on numerous first ascents in Canada, Norway, Mexico, United States, Africa, South America etc. Tyler is now pushing his limits by circumnavigating the globe on his new sailboat named the Wizards Eye. He is using the boat as a base for staging expeditions in all disciplines from kayaking, kiting, BASE jumping, speed flying and surfing. For all the updates on the Wizard's Eye Expedition visit the Wizard's Eye site

What does KAVU mean to you?

In general, KAVU is a personal thing. For me, KAVU is happiness. It is the rose colored light on snowcapped mountain peaks during the break of dawn. To personally define it: KAVU - gives that very perspective about the joys of simple existence, that vision that leads us to the next road trip with our friends to feel soft, warm sand flowing between our toes once again! KAVU - it's not just a lifestyle, it's life!!

What is a KAVU day?

KAVU is licking the frost from the branch of a pine tree, breathing fresh winter air while skinning to the top of a mountain. It's the sound of a cold Tecate being cracked on the beach after a surf session with good friends. KAVU is that thing which takes life just one notch higher and plasters a smile on my face from ear to ear.

Favorite KAVU items